We believe that training is the key activity for the transition to go solar!


We offer training for both solar energy system installations as well as maintenance and operation. We perform group training, individual training and train-the-trainer.

We also here have a special focus on women with training programms for solely women regarding solar energy and sustainability.

Project management programme

Training for launching a solar energy project including preparation and planning, implementation and operational phase. This training include basic project management, elements of Change management, Solar energy technology and function of the system and specific equipment, Implementation strategy according to our “Energy implementation-transition method”and elements of sustainability and Agenda 2030.

Target group: Project managers or Programme coordinators, Local users (“solar ambassadors), students, Owner or responsible person of solar energy systems in a community.

Training course can successfully be used for the implementation of other inventions or systems.

Maintenance and operation programme of solar cell systems
  • Maintenance strategy
  • Basic technical knowledge of solar energy system and equipment
  • Service program and Spare parts logistics
  • IT and network
  • Change management and gender
  • Sustainability and environmental impact

Target group: Local users in charge of Network and solar cell system or solar heating system, Owner or responsible person of solar energy systems in a community.

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