Our mission is to contribute to the world to make the energy transition to go solar and fossil free.

Our company Solartransition believe strongly that we can make this transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. But it is urgent,  as UN nation point out in the Sustainable development goals: “Clean and modern energy to all people in the world” (goal 7) and “We need to take Climate action now” (goal 13)!

We are experts in solar energy and can support your company or community to make this energy transition to happen. We provide consulting service and energy consulting with focus on solar energy systems as for example solar heating, solar cells systems which are adapted to the need of the customer. We also offer support during the implementation phase as project coordination and training programme of personnel and end-users. We strive to involve the local users during the whole implementation phase by using our “Energy implementation-transition method” which are especially adapted to target group women.

We are passionate to solar energy and have long experience in launching projects in though environments. We believe in a bright future and together we can we make the transition and go solar! Energy to everyone is our motto!

Åsa Alström Johannesson, CEO and founder

My name is Åsa Alström Johannesson CEO and founder of the company Solartransition in Sweden. We are passionate about renewable energy with experience of solar energy in Sweden and countries as Tanzania, Costa Rica and India.